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Anglo-Catholic Ninjas Exclusive: Archbishop Hepworth’s vestments catch fire during Japanese ordinations April 17, 2007

Posted by Ninja Michael in Theology.

During a recent episcopal visit to Japan, TAC Primate (and honourary Grand Crozier Master Ninja) Archbishop John Hepworth’s rochet (fancy episcopal surplice) caught fire during an ordination service, after the archbishop accidentally backed into some candles. Remarkably, nobody in the sanctuary seemed to notice the problem; fortunately the archbishop’s secretary was on hand to assist in putting out the fire. After the service, the archbishop asked the low-church priest serving as his chaplain whether he expected Anglo-Catholic bishops to spontaneously burst into flames. “Yes, I do”, was the reply.



1. Jared - April 18, 2007

That’s funny! Rolling on the floor, rendering me speechless funny!

2. Ninja Clement - April 18, 2007

“fortunately the archbishop’s secretary was on hand to assist in putting out the fire”

Dude, did she sprinkle Holy water on him? I’m pretty sure the rules say that a secretary cannot bless a bishop, even a burning one.

Maybe she just rolled him on the ground until the flames died. 😉

3. Ninja Michael - April 19, 2007

He didn’t say.

4. J. Gordon Anderson + - April 23, 2007

That is wild! I am glad he’s okay.

Sort of gives new meaning to the “tongues of fire” we read about in Acts.

5. Needed: Rosary Repair Kit « Anglo-Catholic Ninjas - April 30, 2007

[…] Ninja Clement right away. Much appreciated (ArchNinja John Hepworth, who has recovered from his vestment mishap, will be sure to bless […]

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