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Needed: Rosary Repair Kit April 30, 2007

Posted by Ninja Clement in General.
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As Ninja Clement was adjusting the comforter on his bed the other day, he accidentally swept his Rosary onto the ground. Upon retrieving it he discovered that Jesus was…  not on the cross 😕 . Our Lord had become, er, uhm, “detached”. Ninja Clement thumped his chest three times (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa) and tried to re-assemble the crucifix. He is not content to merely gluestick the pieces together, though. This kind of operation calls for a Rosary Repair Kit, which typically includes an emergency use Rosary, a set of Penitentiary Prayer Cards and a bottle of Holy Epoxy (extremely potent stuff). Unfortunately, the Anglo-Catholic Ninja dojo, the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virign Mary, does not keep such a kit in stock at present. If anyone reading this does have this item handy and is willing to loan it, please contact Ninja Clement right away. Much appreciated (ArchNinja John Hepworth, who has fully recovered from his vestment mishap, will be sure to bless you 🙂 ).


Anglo-Catholic Ninjas Exclusive: Archbishop Hepworth’s vestments catch fire during Japanese ordinations April 17, 2007

Posted by Ninja Michael in Theology.

During a recent episcopal visit to Japan, TAC Primate (and honourary Grand Crozier Master Ninja) Archbishop John Hepworth’s rochet (fancy episcopal surplice) caught fire during an ordination service, after the archbishop accidentally backed into some candles. Remarkably, nobody in the sanctuary seemed to notice the problem; fortunately the archbishop’s secretary was on hand to assist in putting out the fire. After the service, the archbishop asked the low-church priest serving as his chaplain whether he expected Anglo-Catholic bishops to spontaneously burst into flames. “Yes, I do”, was the reply.

Use and Mention April 12, 2007

Posted by Ninja Clement in Philosophy.

Metalinguistic sentences are about linguistic entities. Just as we can talk about objects and events, we can also talk about words, names, sentences, titles, labels, etc. Consider the following:

John is tall

This sentence makes reference to the person John. John, the person, obviously does not appear in the sentence. Rather it is the word John that appears. We can put it this way: John, the person, is mentioned in the sentence, and John, the word, is used in it. Now consider next a metalinguistic sentence:

‘John’ consists of four letters

This sentence does not make reference to John, the person. Instead, it is about the word John. In this case, John, the word, is mentioned in the sentence. Yet what then is used in the sentence, if John, the word, is already mentioned?

We can name children, pets and pet rocks. We can also name words. Of course, names are themselves words. In naming a word, we are merely presenting another word, one that refers to the designated word. Now what name should the word John have? To keep things simple, we can name the word with the same word, surrounded by single quotation marks. The word ‘John’ is thus the name of the word John (or, more simply, ‘John’ is the name of John).

With this distinction in mind, we have a way of mentioning (talking about) a word (or group of words) when we want to say, for instance, that it is long or short, common or rare, mono-syllabic or tri-syllabic, or whatever. So, in the previous sentence, John, the word, is mentiond, and ‘John’, the name of the word, is used.

Some more examples:

Paddy is Irish (Paddy is an Irish person)
‘Paddy’ is Irish (Paddy is an Irish name)

Chicken Soup for the Soul costs $24.95 (There is a bowl of chicken soup that is good for the soul and it costs $24.95)
‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ costs $24.95 (There is a book with the title Chicken Soup for the Soul and it costs $24.95)

Geena said I was upset (Geena asserted that I was upset)
Geena said “I was upset” (Geena asserted that she was upset)

Anglo-Catholic Ninjas in Action April 3, 2007

Posted by Ninja Clement in General.

… on a video segment produced by Salt & Light TV.

No AC Ninja hurt anyone, so this video is safe-viewing for minors.